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C. H. Henry Hsu

C. H. Henry Hsu's profile portrait. Asian Canadian writer and novelist.


C. H. Henry Hsu is a Canadian novelist who writes action-adventure stories with multicultural representations. He aims to challenge stereotypes. He wants every reader from any background to see a positive representation of him or herself in his stories.

Born in Taiwan, raised in Toronto—the most culturally diverse city in the world—his environments enabled him to write with a more authentic multicultural perspective.

Henry grew up reading the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Maurice Leblanc, Akira Toriyama, and Gosho Aoyama. As a child, Henry drew a lot of homemade comics, which he’d share or sell to his classmates. He’d dreamed of becoming a comic artist until he was told by some adults about the potential life of being a “starving artist”. He then shifted gears and majored in graphic design at York University and Sheridan College.

After graduating with honours, he worked in the design and tech industry for over a decade in Toronto, specializing in user experience and product design. He later re-appropriated his design know-how into his own unique creative writing process.

His writing style is heavily influenced by Ernest Hemingway. Combined with the iceberg theory and human-centered design, his style is described as “simple, accessible, and personal”. Hsu believes style should be “invisible” in storytelling.

His debut novel is The Lost Imperial Seal, one of the world’s first action-adventure novels written from the perspective of an actual AAPI. It is funny, fast-paced, and easy to read.

Henry currently lives in Toronto, Canada with his wife and son. He is also the Co-founder of FAMGO Wear and FAMGO Design.

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